How Do You Tell if your Laptop Battery is Dead?

by Mark Ritter

A dead laptop battery may kill your working vibes by shutting off the computer before saving the tasks. Over time, laptop batteries can degrade. The life battery enjoyed when you purchased the laptop will decrease with time. Battery failure may be a relatively scarce issue, but it can cause the shutdown of a laptop, thereby preventing it from starting, especially when not plugged in. For that reason, you should know of the possibilities of it dying beforehand. That way, you can replace the battery with a different one. If you happen to be a Windows 7 user, it will ping you if the battery reaches its lowest capacity. Take a look at one batterie ordinateur portable. 

Windows warning alert

There is the idea of modern standby. It is highly commendable. It would be best if you allowed the laptop to get through a tedious download when in hibernation. In such a case, everything should be ready to go immediately you open it up. It also comes at the cost of increased consumption of power.

Research conducted by Notebookcheck tested three Windows when in Sleep mode. Dell, Asus, and Lenovo were noticeably hot after their lids were closed. The modern standby was termed as the cause.

Lenovo reached a warm temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius. It had a 27 Watts power consumption. That is when it is in sleep mode. To quickly refer to the highlights, Notebookcheck reiterated that a typical laptop must maintain a significant power consumption rate of approximately 2W. That is, when in sleep mode.

Battery calibration

Calibrating the battery every month is going to provide you with accurate information about it. By calibrating it, you will be refreshing the battery’s sensors providing windows with complete information. Here is how to go about it- begin by fully charging the battery. It should get to 100 %. It would be best if you then allowed it to discharge to about 5%. This makes it just about dead. You should then recharge it to 100%.

When that is achieved, sensors will be boosted to be in a position to provide accurate information in Windows. In case the wrong information is directed to the windows, then the wear level will decrease when the battery is about to die. This only means that it is not time to replace the battery yet because it is not dead yet.

Check it manually

In case you do not believe that the windows can check the battery manually, you can use a battery information viewer to accomplish that. It should help you in viewing detailed information about the battery.

Check for the level of wear in the utility you could be using. The information will be provided in different ways. If you use BatteryInfoView, then you should be checking for its design capacity and fully charged capacity. You also need to check its wear level. The capacity designed will indicate the charging capacity when the laptop was purchased. It may also indicate an all-new battery altogether.

Final Thoughts

Batteries mainly die because of the laptop’s heat. It would be best if you store your battery at a cool place for excellent performance. You may not be in a position to restrict heat if you are straining the laptop’s processors. But you can take care of it by not worrying about it.

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