Beginner guide to android photography

by Mark Ritter

Smartphone photography is evolving quickly in recent years due to significant hardware and technological advancements integrated into the photo apps. Various functions such as shooting, editing, sharing, and sharing functions on smartphone cameras have advanced to another level to ensure fine-tune images are obtained. If you are a photography enthusiast, you need to invest adequate time to learn and experiment with various smartphone features, tools, and other camera kit essentials to ensure you are familiar and comfortable. Here is a beginner guide to an android camera.

Get to the camera app

First, you must prepare your smartphone by ensuring you have an excellent camera app on the phone. Different smartphone cameras come with varying features, ensuring you have an excellent choice that will likely produce the best results. You can check for the best camera app depending on the phone you have. Hopefully, the camera has reasonable specifications to capture good image quality. Once you confirm the essentials on your camera, you are good to get started with photography experience.

Taking a simple photo

After setting up your camera essentials, you should aim at your target. You will view a circular object on the screen of the phone, showing the focus and exposure. You can tap elsewhere on the screen to move the circle to focus on a specific object. If the target is far, you can zoom in by pinching out using two fingers. Once you obtain a clear view, you can press the shutter button to capture the image.

Change the image appearance

Once you have your shot, you can tap on the menu to give you options to help in editing your photos. Here, you will find options such as HDR, white balance, flash, switch camera, exposure, and other settings. The options might vary depending on the smartphone you use. However, the radial menu’s primary settings will help perform a couple of changes to your images. While some options can be adjusted before taking a shot, others can access them after capturing your picture.

Camera modes

You can change the camera modes to capture the desired type of photos of a video. These modes can be accessed from either the left or right side of the camera button. The available modes in most smartphone cameras include video mode, panoramic mode, and capturing the environment with the photosphere. Keep in mind that the options may vary due to continuous advancements in cameras. Similarly, the menu options under each mode contain varying features and tools. You can adjust the functions to meet your personal preferences.


When using your Android camera, you can access a couple of tools to generate high-quality images and videos. A little practice is required to ensure you understand the basic and advanced features applicable to your android camera. Similarly, ensure you learn about other secondary items that can help shoot more explicit and fine-tuned images. For instance, you might need things like a tripod, additional lenses, and proper camera software to ensure you produce professional images.

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