How to Get A DUNS Number for My Company

by Mark Ritter

You finally decided to apply for the Huawei Developer’s program. That will mean tremendous progress for you and your company. However, the identity verification process is one step that you will have to cross and seemingly getting a DUNS number.

If you are an individual, then it is pretty easy. Get yourself a proof of your identity and scan it along with your bank card and that’s it. However, if you own a company, then you have to do a bit more than that. You have to get a DUNS number.

How on earth can you get this number? We are here to help you out.

How to Get Your DUNS Number for Your Company

There are two ways you can apply for a DUNS number. The first is through the Huawei platform. You can also get it through the D&B website.

Getting the DUNS Number through the Huawei Platform

As with most things on this platform, it’s a fairly simple process. Apply for a DUNS number. If your company checks out, you should get one within 7 business days. Once you get this number, you can then proceed to register your company in the program.

When using the Huawei program, the cost of getting a DUNS number is $80. To get an invoice, you might need to contact their customer service.

Getting the Duns Number through the D&B Website

You can also apply for the DUNS through this website. It is totally free. However, you will have to wait for 45 days before you get a notification. After this, you will also need to wait a further 90 days before the data is recognized at both ends.

That’s an awfully long time to wait in my opinion. It is up to you.

If you do apply on this platform, you can use the number given to register for a developer’s account. However, if your application fails, then you will have to start over. Also, you will still wait for at least 130 days after registration.

I’d recommend that you go with the DUNS Huawei program’s route. It’s easy and will be ready within 7 days. The service fee of $80 is also quite reasonable especially since you are a company.

However, if you already applied for a DUNS number a while ago, you might also decide to just wait it out.

What Should I Do Now?

If you haven’t already started your application process, this might be the right to do so. If you are registering with a company, you also have to decide the route you are going to take. Having a plan in advance will help you go through the verification process a lot faster.

Final Thoughts

The verification process can seem daunting from afar. However, it is really easy to get by. Just get the right documents and take decisive actions on time. Also, make sure that you are ready for any corrections you might have to make.


Getting into the Huawei Developer’s program is definitely worth the stress.

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