The Secrets Behind Successful App Creation

by Mark Ritter

In the notoriously fast-paced world of mobile app development, various factors play a critical role in developer operations success. The many beautiful apps in app stores such as Google Play and Apple Store, including Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Google Maps, were all cleverly innovated, designed, and implemented to craft their unique service delivery models for consumers. However, in the face of increasing competition, app developers are faced with the uphill task of continuously upgrading their designs to cater to the demand for extremely high-performance software. To make this task easier, leading technology firms such as Huawei have created app galleries to enable developers to quickly craft innovative apps and distribute them to various locations across the world at a cheaper cost. Let’s focus on the secrets behind successful app creation.

1. Creating incredible mobile apps

In mobile app development, the difference between success and failure in most cases does lie in the details. If the creators are willing to pay very particular attention to each stage of the process instead of cherry-picking their way through them, they have a good chance of making it big. The following are proven techniques for creating a successful revenue-generating mobile application that can be deployed to Huawei’s app gallery:

2. Seamless application workflow

When developing suitable applications, developers often pay attention to the workflow. As insignificant as this seems at the moment, users will rate your app based on how well they can interact with it. If it is too hard to use, customers will be quickly put off from it. On the other hand, a consistent, thoughtful workflow is guaranteed to keep them engaged.

3. Color schemes

It is no secret that the best apps in the market have mastered the art of utilizing the psychology of colors to elicit various emotional responses in their target user groups. Thus, considering the importance of first impressions, color schemes integrated into developer operations means that users will remain attracted to beautiful and engaging color schemes.

4. Seamless and intuitive navigation

Users are usually not overly concerned with how they will move from the current page to the next one since they expect this to be an intuitive process. Button placement on the app interface and internal app links go a long way towards enhancing your mobile application’s user experience. If users are cannot quickly grasp your app’s full functionality, you are in for a challenging time.

5. Unique, mobile-first design development

This is where developer operations are geared towards crafting responsive designs that can adapt to the customer’s device’s screen size. The more devices that can be utilized by your app, the more cash and recognition you can get.

6. Ability to prototype your app correctly

The prototyping stage, if done poorly, will fail your app on release. At this stage, developers implement every aspect of the app as planned, to get a feel of the app’s intuitiveness and fluidity aspect.


Developer operations are an incredibly important step in the quest to crafting and deploying a successful application. This is why the app platforms, such as Huawei’s, are specially crafted to enhance developer productivity and promote their monetization efforts in the long run.

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