How to migrate data to a Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco/Mi phone

by Mark Ritter

With smartphones becoming increasingly more affordable, buying one can be a semi-regular occurrence. However, moving data between your old phone and the new one can be cumbersome.

Many people will opt to transfer the data to a computer and then to the new phone. Historically, that was what one had to do. Or, users would back up what they could to a microSD card. Today, smartphone manufacturers have dedicated apps that make this process easy, efficient, and seamless.

This guide will teach you how to move all your personal data (SMS, calls, apps, photos, etc.) from your old phone to a Xiaomi branded phone. With this, you won’t have to worry about copying data on a computer or removable storage.

As Xiaomi evolves and expands into sub-brands, one might think that each of them will require their own set of migration apps. However, while they’re all sold under different names, they all operate using Xiaomi’s custom MIUI experience.

As long as your phone is running MIUI, this guide will work on your Redmi, Mi, Poco, or any other brand under the Xiaomi umbrella.


Install Mi Mover on the phone you’re moving the data from and on the Xiaomi phone you’re moving the data to. Have both phones at 80% charge if there is a lot of data.

In most cases, Mi Mover comes pre-installed in Xiaomi phones.

Let’s Go!

Once you have Mi Mover installed, open up the app on your Xiaomi phone and choose “I’m a recipient”.

You might get a prompt on your Xiaomi phone to install the app via a QR code, if this comes up, just tap on “Installed. Start the transfer.”

Boot up the app on your old phone and grant permissions on both phones where required. When the app is loaded, choose “I’m a sender” on the old phone.

You will either have to wait for the Xiaomi phone to show up on the old phone, or you can manually connect to the hotspot by navigating to your Wi-Fi on your old phone and selecting the hotspot manually using the SSID name mentioned on the Xiaomi phone, in this instance the hotspot name is POCOPHONE F1_pOYJ.

When you choose the hotspot from your old phone, you can now choose what you wish to send over.

Once you have selected the necessary items to send, simply press Send from your old phone. You’ll get a popup informing you to not turn on Wi-Fi or switch networks during operation.

Just like we do for OnePlus phones, we highly recommend leaving both phones alone until the transfer completes to ensure all your data carries over without incident.

Once the transfer is done, your Xiaomi phone will take some time to migrate the data and with that, you’re done!

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