Factors to Consider for the Best Lightning Cable

by Mark Ritter

A lightning cable is a tech accessory significant to own regardless of the devices you use. Are you relying on a lightning cable that comes with your device? Chances are, it will not last forever because lightning cables that are packed with your devices are guarded with a slim rubber layer, which commonly breaks or wears off after a short period of frequent use, particularly when they are bent. So how do you know if you are shopping for the best lightning cable?

It is irritating, especially when you’re at home, but a more significant problem when traveling and attempting to charge your device using an external battery pack. Thus, to evade this problem, it’s better to replace the present cables with the ones designed to withstand thousands of bends, twists, and turns. Getting the best lightning cable for your gadgets means researching product features and reading reviews.

What makes the best durable lightning cable?

There are many things to consider when selecting the best durable lighting cable; you aren’t just buying a lightning cable, you need something durable, and MFI certified. Not all cables are made equal. A lightning cable must be long enough and endure plenty of use for your needs. Here is a list to consider.

1.Mfi certified

If you use your lightning cable with apple devices, shop for the one that is Mfi certified. Mfi certification implies the product is made for iPhone/iPod/iPad and has the approval of an official seal from apple to be compatible with these phones and devices.

A Mfi certification package is undoubtedly secure to use with your apple device without causing charging problems or errors.


What makes a quality lightning cable? Its flexibility, lifespan, and excellence of the materials used in its construction. A suitable lightning cable must be laboratory-tested for bending resistance and proved to withstand intense demands successfully.

 It also features an excellent core developed to offer an efficient transfer of data and energy and an electromagnetic shield to boost the data transfer rate.


Performance varies widely for different cable brands, depending on material quality. Buying a brand over another isn’t a guarantee for its excellence. The reality is, renowned brands are attentive to the process of manufacturing, producing more reliable, high-quality cables, and provide excellent after-sales customer support.


Lightning cable casing wears off with frequent bending uncovering the internal wires rendering it useless. Thus, opt for a cable with a tough material casing to ensure its lasting. The best cable casings have been braided and provide the most protection from tangling and breaking.


Lightning charging cables come in three standard sizes ten-foot, six-foot, and three-foot. There are very short cables (mere inches) and others longer than 10 feet. It would be best to keep in mind that charge time and data transfer speed take long using a longer cable.


Lightning cables are priced differently depending on quality and characteristics. A single cable that keeps your device running is cheaper than a dual cable compatible with a wide range of devices.

Nonetheless, not everyone needs the latest innovation and technology; maybe you only need a no-frill cable, simple just for charging your phone.

Besides charging your phone and data transfer, a lightning cable can synchronize files between a desktop and mobile device and transmitting audio if connected to wireless.

Final Thoughts

Considering the factors above as you shop for a new lightning cable gives you the top-rated cable to ensure an up to date and fully charged device.

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