Facts to Know About HMS Core

by Mark Ritter

There’s no denying that Android is arguably the most popular operating system in the category of mobile phones. At the heart of this mobile operating system is the Huawei Mobile Services core (HMS) that runs between the mobile applications and the operating system.

Usually, Google Play Store comes by default in almost all Android devices, but due to the Trump ban that resulted in Huawei losing access to Google Play Store, the company comes out with the solution; Huawei Mobile service which provides resources such as site kit, camera kit, and more.

Basically, it’s meant to be a replacement for Google Play Store. So, how good is HMS when compared to Google Play Store?

First, the HMS core has over 20 capabilities, with each having a plethora of functional interfaces. Therefore, it means that a developer can easily select the correct interface as per the requirements and then easily integrate SDKs to the app code. That way, the development of the corresponding function requirement can be completed.

There are several functions that you can use HMS core to develop for the apps; for instance,

Faster Application Development

With the Huawei account kit, one can easily sign into the apps without verification or manual login. You’re able to access the information faster, thanks to faster user authorization. Moreover, with automatic SMS verification, you’re automatically inputting verification codes from the SMA messages.

There’s also access to a wide range of development capabilities for game developers thanks to the available Huawei Game service.

The identity kit ensures that settings management is availed easily to help with functions such as enter, edit, and query. The address selection means that a user can set addresses and forget to focus on a better experience.

The inbuilt location includes Wi-Fi, GPS, as well as base stations to provide users with exact locations. Moreover, geofencing helps to set up virtual geographic boundaries that can detect when the device exists, enters, or lingers.

Furthermore, the Huawei site kit can suggest location names and addresses and can even tell specifics about the most recent location identified.

User Privacy Protection is guaranteed

Several aspects ensure user safety is guaranteed. For instance, SysIntegrity checks the integrity of the apps running environment, AppsCheck looks for all malicious apps, while URLCheck determines the type of threat of a given URL.

Cases of authentication tampering are prevented thanks to the biometric authentication. The WisePlay DRM also provides capabilities for digital content copyright protection, including software-level DRM and hardware-level capabilities.

Smart Apps

Another excellent feature of the Huawei mobile service core is that it offers smart Apps that improve the user’s experience. For instance, the Capture API ensures the app can request current user status easily. Data storage means that the user can store their health and fitness data.

The Machine Learning (ML) option ensures that all your apps can easily leverage the long-term Huawei proven expertise to support a range of artificial intelligence (AI).

The app value is excellent that it allows for continuous growth. Many options within the Huawei Mobile service core make it an excellent alternative to Google’s Play Store.

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